Third party integration

Ecommerce success requires the sharing of information between various business critical systems. Linking Liquidshop into your accounting software increases efficiency and ensures that customers have an up-to-date view of stock.

So, whether it’s your accounting software, stock control, warehouse management, point of sale or your ERP that you need to talk to your ecommerce store, Liquidshop has this covered.

Integrate your website with your business, seamlessly

Every retailer has an array of software that they use to run their business: Accounting, Point of Sale, Inventory Management and for the larger retailer, Enterprise Retail Management. By integrating these tools into your ecommerce platform, Liquidshop can help you to free up your time, focus on retail and sell more online.

Because Liquidshop v3 is so versatile, it is possible to integrate with almost any third party software, using a simple extension or direct, real time communication, via API (Application Programming Interface). Contact us for details of how your integration could work.

Here are just some of the third party tools which we can integrate with Liquidshop v3. These integrations are priced individually, please contact us for further information:

Marketplaces and product feeds

Like it or not, online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, are a major part of ecommerce and integration with these industry giants is important. We can integrate your ecommerce store so that when you make sales on a marketplace, the orders appear in your Liquidshop v3 back office, ready for processing.

Marketing your products through search engines, such as Google Shopping and Pay Per Click (PPC) are now an essential part of promoting your products online. Liquidshop has it all built in.

Liquidshop Integrates with Rakuten

Accounting and bookkeeping

Every business big or small has to complete their books and it’s a time consuming process, fraught with the danger of human error when rekeying sales into your accounting or bookkeeping system.

ERP – Enterprise resource planning

POS and EPoS – Electronic point of sale

Warehouse and order fulfilment