The Ecommerce Website Healthcheck

Nov 1, 2019

Input from outside your business helps identify where improvements can be made. A different viewpoint provides a new insight, and this is exactly what the free Ecommerce Website Healthcheck by Liquidshop does.

We take a close look at the important aspects of your online business and produce a report  to help you understand how to improve performance across a wide range of areas.

Our report will help you make decisions that drive the acquisition of customers, increase sales and grow profits. We give you feedback and practical tips across all of the following aspects of your online business:

Customer Journey – how your customers view and interact with your website on desktop and mobile.

Designer’s Eye  – An ecommerce website must grab customers’ attention visually and encourage engagement through the user experience when navigating content and making a purchase. We cast a designer’s eye over your website and provide design tips that improve performance.

We also look at the backend functions of the business:

Admin & Management – how you control your website, manage data, plus interactions with external systems such as epos and stock control

Security Matters – How secure is your website and your methods of working. We look at how you manage cyber security threats, reassure customers and respond to attacks.

Technical Stuff – This covers the platform that you use for your website, and your hosting environment. Features, suitability and performance are all reviewed.

Business Success – An ecommerce business is more than simply the website, and we provide advice on improving your ecommerce business, growing sales and profits.

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