Could you Grow Your Online Sales With Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is all about making sure that your customers have a great user experience, whatever device they are using to view your website. Your customers are looking at your website on all sorts of devices, from smartphones and tablets with their small screens, through to laptop and desktop computers with their larger screens. It is no longer acceptable to expect your customers to make their way around a website that is designed to be used on large screen with a mouse, on a tiny touch screen. If you try to make them do this, the chances are, they will go elsewhere.

Responsive Web Design (Bureau Direct)

With a fixed mobile design, your customers are presented with the desktop site when they are viewing the site on device with a display which is 7″ or larger and they are presented with the mobile site when they are viewing the site on a device with a display which is smaller than 7″. “What’s wrong with that?”, you might think – well, when the site is being viewed on a tablet with a larger screen (7″ or larger), the user will be forced to navigate a design which was created to be navigated with a mouse and keyboard, on a device which was designed to be navigated using multi touch, whilst constantly having to zoom in and out to see the site properly – RWD will put all of that right.

So, aside from the fact that having a Responsive web design will look great and will give your customers a better user experience, what is so good about Responsive Web Design?

Google like it and now recommend that you use it.

In the UK, almost 90% of searches are started on Google. So, when they say that they recommend something, UK retailers must sit up and take note. In fact, they don’t stop at merely recommending it, they even now describe Responsive Web Design as ‘Industry Best Practice’.

Google like RWD because, all devices are presented with the same website, the same data, the same code and the same URL (web address). This means that a product will be listed once, regardless of the device it is being viewed on. Where separate mobile and desktop sites exist, products will have different URLs and this makes the sharing of product difficult over social media – if a product is shared from the mobile site, with a friend on say, Twitter and they open the link on a desktop PC, they will be presented with a cutdown mobile version of the site, on a large screen and that would mean an awful user experience. Now that Google are putting more and more weight on the quality of the user experience, RWD is very likely to improve your Google rankings.

Smartphones and Tablets are really rather popular.

For years, smartphones and tablets were not even a consideration when designing websites, with all of the efforts going into making sure that the site functioned well on desktop computers.

Over time, the smartphone moved up in the world to the dizzying heights of ‘secondary concern’ and some effort went into giving mobile users a better viewing experience. All too often smartphone users are still faced with a website that is designed for a large screen and which is meant to be navigated with a mouse and keyboard – There isn’t room, on even the largest smartphone, for all of the content that is present on a website designed for a standard PC screen.

So, something had to be done and with all of the different sizes of smartphone and tablet on the market, the solution had to be one that would change the size and position of elements of the design, even removing some of them, to ensure that the most important information would be displayed on even the smallest smartphone. Responsive Web Design is that solution and not only is it the look that it changes but it also improves the navigation for users of a small screen.

Responsive Web Design

Still Need Convincing?

Happy Users

Whatever device, with whatever size of screen your users choose to view your site with, they will be able to if your site has a responsive design.

SEO and Ranking Improvements

Your site should improve its ranking position, once it has a responsive design because Google see it as providing a better user experience to your customers.

Low Cost Option

If the alternative is to make sure that you have a native app, for each of the major mobile operating systems, RWD is a very cost effective option.

Future Proof

Responsive designs will work on almost any device and there is every reason to assume that this will be the case when new devices are released in the future.

Conversion Rates Improve

When your customers can see your correctly formatted website, whatever device they choose to view it on, they will be more likely to trust the business and therefore, will be more likely to buy from you.

Have a look at an example of a website with RWD

Click here to see the latest Liquidshop Demo site, complete with its Responsive Web Design. Open it on a few different devices and when you open it on a PC (Mac or Windows), resize your browser window and watch to see what happens.