New features added to Liquidshop v3

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Ecommerce Website Design

We are always for new and updated features to add to our Liquidshop v.3 system, particularly when they make our clients websites more secure, improves the ease of use for customers, and add to the overall user experience. It’s important that we test each new function before integration into the Liquidshop v.3 platform, to ensure its compatibility with the current features that are already present on the system. We do this through testing them on a demo store, in order to fully understand how the function works on a practical level, and any issues that it creates for the site that need to be solved, so we can pass that knowledge onto our clients for assistance in choosing the right features.

Latest new features

We’ve recently added a range of new features available on Liquidshop v.3, all of which we believe stand to add value to your ecommerce website, through improved usability and functionality. 

  • Social login: We’ve added the ability to allow customers to create an account on your website, using their Facebook credentials for their data. This is often an easier and quicker method for creating an account, and therefore could entice more customers to create an account, whereas previously they wouldn’t have done. This potentially means a larger customer base, meaning more people to target with newsletter update and promotions. 

  • Responsive shopping carts: We’ve added more functionality to the purchasing experience for customers on your ecommerce website. When a customer adds a product to their basket, they can have related products displayed below, as well as the ability to edit the quantity in their basket from the pop-up, whilst it also displays review stars and a short description of the product. All three act as both a function for potential up-selling of new products, and demonstrates that your website is responsive and understands what the needs of the customer are. It’s also helpful to display the review and description of the product, as this helps to inform the purchase and make the customer more confident that they are making the correct decision to purchase the item. The more information displayed, the better. 

  • SEO Toolkit update: A new feature for our clients who want to improve their SEO scores, getting their web content higher up the search engine result pages. When you add content on to your website, such as images, products and descriptions, a pop-up will appear that gives feedback, such as marking the quality and quantity of the links on a page, or the meta tags on images, to give the user a better idea of the potential SEO results that the page will receive. This is a great tool to help drive traffic to your ecommerce website through improved SEO. 

  • Updated banner functions: The new banner functions include a wider range of sizes, the ability to add more detailed content, and the ability to add one banner which responds to different sized dependent on the device being used to view the site. This makes the site more responsive, and improves the experience for the user of the site through adapting to different devices, ensuring that any device can be used to easily visit and look around the site. Multiple links can be added to a single banner, so, for example, you can display different products and have the individual links to them all within a single banner at the top of the homepage.

  • Mega menus: The mega menus function allows for more dynamic menus on your site, which supports multiple options and categories to be added within one drop down function. It allows for large menus, with different text sizes and multiple links. Combined with clean, eye catching design, it’s a great way for visitors to be welcomed on to the site. 

  • Special offers: Special offers are a big part of modern ecommerce. It’s crucial that you have the ability to exploit days such as Black Friday with appropriate discounts, and also be able to implement different offers throughout the year. These are often complex, such as 3 for 2 or mix and match bundles, but the support teams can ensure consistent functionality for these offers, allowing you to be confident enough to offer a wide range of promotions and offers to your customers. The team will be on hand to guide you through the entire process of building and supporting the offers. 

Please contact our support team to find out more and availability for your store – contact us by clicking here.


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Dominic Mayo

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