Ecommerce Website Design and Support

Our dedicated team of ecommerce experts are here to help your business grow, whether you are an independent retailer or operate a multi-store business, we’ve got you covered.


Ecommerce Website Designer

Expertise: Creating amazing Ecommerce Website designs to help our ecommerce clients to communicate their brand, and maximise their online sales or generate enquires.

Hobbies: Growing things, cooking things, eating things he has grown and cooked.

Sports teams: Trinity Tiddlers.

Favourite Ice cream: Speculoos.


Operations Manager

Expertise: Building and supporting our ecommerce clients websites, and finding new features and functionality. Shaun is also known to cook an excellent Lamb Rogan Josh curry.

Hobbies: Walking, RC racing

Sports teams: None.

Favourite Ice cream: Raspberry Ripple


Ecommerce Business Development Manager

Expertise: Nick makes it his business to know about all aspects of ecommerce. You can talk to Nick about online retail, marketing – including SEO and PPC. Helping you to engage with your customers on social media, advise on online security, payment service providers and any other aspect of online retail. There’s a lot to consider.

Hobbies: Science, politics and music, plus he watches a lot of sport and plays table tennis in a local league.

Sports teams: Arsenal FC, McLaren F1,  he also loves tennis and international cricket, rugby and football.

Favourite ice cream: Mint choc-chip.


Ecommerce Website Developer

Expertise: An agile, creative and technically minded individual with years of experience in Ecommerce website design, along with a deep understand of Magnento Ecommerce, CSS, PHP and Disney movie trivia.

Hobbies: Football, gaming, Films/TV

Sports teams: Liverpool FC, Yeovil FC

Favourite Ice cream: Mint Choc Chip


Ecommerce Support Agent

Expertise: POS and Stock control. So, controlling stock and inventory levels, to ensure our clients maintain their stock levels for products on their websites, ensuring a smooth payment for customers on our clients websites.

Hobbies: Car cleaning, going to car shows and PC gaming.

Sport teams: Team Japspeed.

Favourite ice cream: Honeycomb.