Meet Richard Hathaway from Lights 4 Living

Feb 18, 2019

Since first signing up with Liquidshop in 2008, Lights 4 Living has gone from strength to strength, starting with a site on Liquidshop Version 1 before upgrading to Version 2.

Richard Hathaway, the owner of Lights 4 Living, first came to Liquidshop in 2008, looking for an e-commerce presence to help take his lighting business to the next level. After establishing a site on version 1 early in that year, it was quickly upgraded to take advantage of the features on offer in the newly released Liquidshop version 2 – in particular our development program, which regularly added functionality to the platform.

In 2016, the site underwent a significant redesign, incorporating responsive e-commerce functionality, which helped it become more accessible on mobile platforms, amongst other improvements. Richard has also established a side business in this time with Liquidshop, ‘Richard Hathaway Lighting’ which is a smaller project, which focuses on premium lighting products. In 2018, we successfully moved this site onto the latest Liquidshop v3 platform.

Introduce yourself, and your business…

“I’ve been in the lighting trade for 27 years. The products have not changed a huge amount in that time, but what has changed is the way we market and sell them to customers. With lighting products being such a fundamental part of peoples home, often acting as the centrepiece of a room, the visual component of them is what we use in the marketing elements, such as posting images of them on social media platforms like Instagram.


We recognised that e-commerce was a logical step to take, and found Liquidshop to be one of the few companies that had the necessary expertise and experience to build an e-commerce site that would be supported and updated, but not expensive”.

How’s business?

“Hard work! It’s a competitive industry, with lots of different brands out there, ranging from larger retailers, all the way to medium-sized independents like ourselves. What’s essential for the independents to stay competitive is that we can diversify ourselves through our expertise about the products we sell, the level of which cannot be matched by larger retailers. Being a specialist means offering products and knowledge that no one else does, and this is something I always emphasise when talking with customers. If you want high-quality lighting that is well built, stylish and fits in your home, then we believe it’s better to shop with an independent specialist like ourselves.


Our price guarantee means that there’s no reason for customers to go elsewhere for there lighting needs; we use our expertise in the industry to buy better”.

In addition to the e-commerce presence, the company also has a physical retail showroom in Chippenham.

“Having the retail space allows us to help customers get a better understanding of exactly what they are buying. We always encourage them to come into the store, look at the options available to them, and talk with us to allow them to make the most informed purchase possible. A welcoming atmosphere in the store can often be the difference between a customer choosing to purchase or not.”

Being one of our clients using the latest Liquidshop version 3 system means that the company has access to the best e-commerce features and updates. We asked Richard why he chose Liquidshop:

“As I alluded to earlier, when we were first looking to develop an e-commerce site, there weren’t as many options available as there are nowadays. Liquidshop was one of the only ones that have there own platform already in place, which meant that development of the site would be comfortable and good value. The expertise of the Liquidshop team meant that every question I had about the process, and e-commerce in general, was answered, and when I had ideas about features I wanted the site to have, the team worked hard to incorporate it. It was the same when Liquidshop redesigned the site in 2016, where the functionality was improved to allow for better mobile navigation, therefore ensuring that more people could access and purchase from the website on a range of devices”.


“The technical support offered by Liquidshop is also great. Problems with e-commerce sites are unavoidable, but it’s how you deal with them which is the critical part. Any issues with the site are always communicated with me and dealt with promptly and professionally. I know I can still ring the team with a question about the site, or to get some advice or training, and this is extremely important to the ongoing success of the site, and in extension the business”.

Finally, what does the future hold for Lights 4 Living?

“The business is always challenging, but there are great opportunities for growth moving forward. I’m interested in potentially expanding the physical retail, which may sound odd when there is such a big emphasis on e-commerce in retail, but we have found that having that presence has been a big part of our recent success. We are also looking to increase our range of own-brand products, to give the customer an even better range of products to choose from. In terms of e-commerce, the partnership with Liquidshop should hopefully continue to be a positive one. I know I can rely on them to keep the site updated and continue to add new features onto it that will improve the site, and that’s reassuring as I look to the future”.

We love helping businesses like Lights 4 Living reach their full potential, using the power of e-commerce, and we look forward to working with Richard for many years to come.  

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