Liquidshop 3 is built upon Magento 2 

Find out why you need to seriously start planning your upgrade today

By June 2020 Magento 1 will reach end-of-life. But what does this really mean to you – the retailer. 

Our Liquidshop 3 ecommerce solution is built upon Magento. The extensions we choose and support services we provide use Magento to ensure we can provide the most stable, cost affective and powerful solution to you, our online retail customer.  

Magento announced that the Magento Version 1.x was reaching end-of-life on June 2020. This means the codebase will no longer be supported. Plus 3rd party provider extensions will without doubt wind-down their support for extension for Magento 1 too. So this means over time both the code and extensions will become out-dated. Whilst we appreciated this may not impact you in the first days, weeks or months. Over time the out-of-date code will open itself to increased risk of cyber attacks.

So any delay in upgrading to the latest version of Magento, simply increases your risk, makes you more vulnerable to attack and also means you are likely to become non-compliant. Risking your customer data is certainly something you should never knowingly do, so 

We know this is a complex topic and there is a lot of information you need to digest to make sure you make the right decisions, so we have created a dedicated Magento 2 upgrade website to cover all the points that make upgrading so compelling.

Looking to upgrade your ecommerce website?

Perhaps you are not currently using Magento at all? If so, the same considerations should be made about your current platform. Is it up-to-date? is it well supported? We’re happy to discuss your requirements, contact us for a no obligation chat.