Low cost high quality ecommerce solution

Oct 10, 2019

So what exactly is low cost high quality ecommerce and is it possible to have both a low cost ecommerce website solution, and a high quality ecommerce platform, the answer from us is of course, yes.

First of all you have to look at what exactly you would consider as ‘low cost’. For some people, nothing but FREE will do, for others their expectations are that running an ecommerce platform at enterprise level can costs £1000’s if not tens of thousands per month to operate.

Some do not fully appreciate the value of experience a skilled knowledgable team can bring whilst others gauge their decisions based on purely how much something costs. So value can be measured in many different ways and this in turn this affects the perceived value.

So first of all we have to establish a level of expectation, and by saying low cost high quality ecommerce, we are gauging this against a typical independent UK retailer who is running a small business. A retailer who has small business expenses, paying rent perhaps for a bricks and mortar store, or small warehouse and who is investing in marketing and growing their business.

This ‘ambitious independent Uk retailer’ is our ideal client, they appreciate and value the expertise of others, they are busy and therefore looking for help to grow their business and appreciate that cheap is not always cost affective. They are looking for ways to grow their business and looking for suppliers who can add real value to help them grow.

So with this ’retailer profile’ in mind, we can look at low cost high quality ecommerce through their eyes to establish what makes Liquidshop ecommerce a low cost high quality ecommerce solution.

Our recent marketing campaign helps highlight the relative low costs of running an commerce website. For as little as £10 a day we are able to provide an powerful feature rich ecommerce platform, with secure hosting and outstanding support by our UK based experienced support team.

When you consider ordering takeaway food, or purchasing a half decent bottle of wine, a trip to the cinema or parking in London can cost the same amount, it’s easy to see that affording our services is not as expensive as you may think.

This doesn’t mean that corners have been cut, for £10 a day you would still have access to the same level of support all our clients receive. The website design and development process to get you live receives the same level of attention and commitment and the ecommerce platform itself carries enterprise level features. 

With no upfront fees, moving to Liquidshop cements itself firmly in the low cost high quality ecommerce solution arena.  Instead of budgeting for upfront design and setup fees* we have spread this cost into a monthly fee. We fully appreciate how difficult it can be as an independent retailer to justify parting with larger chunks or money, which is why we wanted to spread the cost.

The ecommerce website itself is crammed with features, more than you would possibly need, but with the ability to add extensions and grow as and when you need to. Using Magento 2 as the platform, we have wrapped our ecommerce support and design services around this to be able to provide training and guidance whilst running your online business.

So low cost high quality ecommerce  doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Enjoying all the benefits of the Magento 2 platform and safe in the knowledge you will receive the very best support to help grow your eocmmerce business. 

Why not get in touch and discuss your requirements with one of our experienced staff.


*If you require additional Magento extension, there may be 3rd party costs either upfront or monthly.