Whilst we have established ourselves as one of the west countries leading Ecommerce providers, providing e-commerce solutions for over 20 years. Our business roots were in graphic design, brochure design, marketing, photography and illustration. 

With the birth of the internet we evolved into providing web design services, online marketing and then became more focused around providing design and support for our ecommerce solution, Liquidshop.

With a new decade upon us, we have big plans. Whilst continuing to provide our class leading Liquidshop ecommerce design and support services, we want to grow the range of services that we offer. To provide a wider range of services that benefit our clients old and new in helping them grow their business. 

So we have created Loudworks, our new hyper targeted marketing brand. It has its’ very own website and detailed information on the range of marketing services we can now offer to help Somerset based businesses and retailers across the UK grow their business.

So if you are looking to change things up this year, to grow your business and look at highly creative and powerful ways to improve or build upon your existing marketing efforts, then please have a look through our newly launched Loudworks website and get in touch.