Ecommerce website design by Liquidshop

We have been providing ecommerce website design services to UK based retailers for over 20 years, and offer a class leading ecommerce platform and ecommerce support. 

Are you satisfied with your current ecommerce website?

If your ecommerce website partner doesn’t keep your ecommerce website updated and the platform your site is on doesn’t have the latest features available, it won’t take long before your ecommerce website stops being the ‘go to’ online store for your customers. Here at Liquidshop, we will help you get back to ecommerce website growth.

We have been helping independent retailers across the UK grow their online business. With our 20+ years of experience we can provide guidance and expertise whether you are a new start up and totally new to ecommerce, or perhaps you are an established online retailers, looking to up your game.

It’s not uncommon that overtime you can outgrow your current ecommerce website design platform, or for that matter outgrow your current ecommerce website provider. Some companies offer services at a certain level, us included. We sit firmly in providing services to retailers who are either new to ecommerce or who have multiple stores, whether bricks and mortar, or online. Turnover can be anywhere from just thousands per month to Millions per year. 

Where we excel is providing ecommerce website designs that ensure increased sales and conversions. The ecommerce platform is Magneto 2 which has proven to be a class leader and used by thousands of online retailers around the world.

We don’t just provide great design services and a powerful set of ecommerce features built upon a stable, fast and powerful ecommerce platform. We also provide amazing support services, from a team of experienced and skilled staff, who can guide you through setting up your ecommerce website through to day-to-day management. 

We believe in supporting you in a way that allows you to focus on building your business, and not getting bogged down in the day to day technical challenges of running an ecommerce website. Our job is to keep your website running as smoothly as possible, helping you when you have a query, giving guidance, training and support when needed. And doing everything we can to help you succeed.

We have been building ecommerce websites for over 20 years and with that many years’ experience, we know what to expect when moving a website. So if you are using any of these platforms, give us a call and we can talk about the process.