Ecommerce website design for Richard Hathaway

Suppliers of high quality decorative light fittings

Since first signing up with Liquidshop in 2008 on Liquidshop V1. Lights 4 Living have gone from strength to strength, supported by our on-going upgrades.

Lights 4 Living first came to Liquidshop in 2008, looking for an ecommerce website presence to help take his lighting business to the next level. After establishing an ecommerce website on Liquidshop V1 they were eventually upgraded to Liquidshop V2. Taking advantage of exciting new features on offer, and to benefit from our newly established development program. Which regularly added ecommerce functionality to the platform.

In 2016, the site underwent a significant ecommerce website redesign. Incorporating responsive ecommerce functionality, which helped it become more accessible on mobile platforms, amongst other improvements. Along side the main website, the client had also established a side business ‘Richard Hathaway Lighting’. This was a smaller project at that time, focusing on premium lighting products.

Then, in 2018, we successfully moved this ecommerce website onto the latest Liquidshop v3 platform.

“I’ve been in the lighting trade for 27 years. The products have not changed a huge amount in that time, but what has changed is the way we market and sell them to customers. With lighting products being such a fundamental part of peoples home, often acting as the centrepiece of a room. The visual component of them is what we use in the marketing elements, such as posting images of them on social media platforms like Instagram.

Read what our client has to say about his experience working with Liquidshop.

We recognised that having a ecommerce website was a logical step to take, and found Liquidshop to be one of the few companies that had the necessary expertise and experience to build an ecommerce website that would be supported and updated, but not expensive.


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