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by | Jan 25, 2019 | Security

We closely monitor all areas of e-commerce, always on the lookout for developments that offer additional functionality and improved performance for our Liquidshop clients and their customers. 

One development that is a growing concern throughout the industry is cybersecurity. In particular, the increasing amount of website hacking attempts, and the resulting data breaches. 

The very nature of e-commerce, with online financial transactions, makes these websites a natural target for criminals attempting to steal data that can then be used illegally or sold on to other for gain. 

Websites even exist where you can buy this personal data and live credit card information – and of course, these websites need a continuing source for their data. 

Your website’s customers are potentially this source!

There has been a growing number of high profile incidents concerning e-commerce websites security, with personal data stolen from websites with millions of customers. Determined attacks from skilled individuals can overcome secure sites in a wide variety of ways. 


Recent examples of high-profile cyber attacks:



At Liquidshop we work hard, alongside our hosting partners, to help you to keep your website secure. You will be aware that we update our systems and processes to maintain standards in line with good industry practice. 

Our strong recommendation is to add active malware monitoring to your website hosting package. We offer a service via a partner called Sucuri. Sucuri acts like a sentry on the door, continually monitoring your site for attempts to fraudulently access and steal data. Identified threats are reported and removed as part of the service. 

Dominic Mayo

Dominic Mayo

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The Sucuri service includes:

  • Unlimited malware and hack cleanup
  • Website firewall (WAF)
  • Blacklist removal 
  • Constant monitoring 
  • Malware and attack prevention
  • DDoS protection


We highly recommend Sucuri to you. This service is available for £350 per domain, and technical support is £10 per month. 



For more information about Sucuri, Liquidshop security policies, and advice regarding your own security measures such as PCI DSS and GDPR, please contact the Liquidshop Support team on 0117 403 4072 or via email

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