Ecommerce website design for Jacksons of Old Arley

Camping and Caravanning retail specialist 

Liquidshop ecommerce has been supplying ecommerce website design and ecommerce support services to Jacksons for almost 10 years. The Midlands based camping and caravanning business upgraded to Liquidshop V3 in September 2018

Jacksons were established way back in 1963, established as one of the largest stockists of camping, caravanning outdoor clothing and equipment in the Midlands.

Jacksosn have been a client of Liquidshop for over 10 years. A testament to the service we offer and we are proud to have helped Jacksons establish them as an online retailer.

With the recent ecommerce website upgrade to Liquidshop V3, Jacksons have now seen further benefit of having a fully responsive ecommerce website design.

With responsive ecommerce website design their website is more dynamic, reshaping itself to suit the size of browser and type of device viewing their website. As with any ecommerce website design, the goal is to provide a user friendly shopping experience.

This is achieved in various way with thew latest version of Liquidshop, with a more fine tuned checkout, making placing an order quicker. This in turn encourages the shopper to buy and to return.

We combined this improved shopping experience with design enhancement to maximise the modern technologies to enable a far more responsive ecommerce website design for their website.

Staying on-top of ecommerce trends and latest technologies can seem a daunting task when you are also trying to run a retail business. But with Liquidshop we are here to assist every step of the way. As with Jacksons, we were able to take the previous version their website and upgrade this onto the latest technologies found within Liquidshop V3.

With minimal downtime and disruption to online sales, Andy at Jacksons is excited for the future, and we aim to support him every step of the way.

We are happy with the current state of our online e-commerce and physical retail store – they are both doing well in an competitive and demanding market. The large physical retail space we have allows us to be hands on with customers, offering knowledgable, practical advice about different clothing options, and demonstrations on how to use equipment. This is important for our customers, to allow them to try products before they buy. We’ve all been on a family camping holiday where equipment isn’t working and it makes for a frustrating experience, so to offer our customers the chance to familiarise themselves with products before using them for real stands us out from other retailers who are online only.

Jacksons of Old Arley

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