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by | Dec 10, 2018 | Ecommerce Website Design

If your businesses website has an ecommerce section, chances are you’ve experienced a technical issue that has slowed it down, or stopped it dead in its tracks, at some point. That issue can come from a variety of sources, and can sometimes just be a result of human error, but can also come from attempted fraudulent activity and malware. However, these problems can be countered by having robust protocols in place, designed to prevent malware attacking in the first place, and limiting damage using back ups if anything gets through!

Security has become one of our number one priorities when discussing new and updated websites with clients. Ecommerce websites have a duty of care to ensure that their customers data is kept secure and protected from malware and malicious activity, with various services available to assist with this. 

Recent examples of high profile data breaches include incidents at British Airways, Uber and Marriot, the last of which resulted in the customer data of 500 million customers becoming compromised. These breaches are not only damaging to the companies reputation, but also cause problems for the millions of customers who have to face up to the fact that their personal details, passport numbers and even credit card details have been accessed and stolen by hackers. This potentially costs the customers a huge amount of time and money to sort out, and further issues down the line if hackers attempt to continually use those details to commit fraud. Not to mention the cost in potential fines for the business, estimated for Marriot at around $900 million. Whilst your business and customer database may not be as large of the Marriot one, this doesn’t lessen the need to ensure security, as hackers can and will target any size business. If your business has a physical location, you wouldn’t leave it overnight without locking the door and putting shutters down, and this is how your ecommerce business will look without the appropriate cyber security details in place – open and accessible for hackers.  

We recommend using Sucuri on your ecommerce website. It constantly monitors websites for malware, suspicious activity and weak or non-existent firewalls, keeping your ecommerce site safe and secure. Think of the system as a bouncer at the front door, keeping out the malicious login attempts and any attempts to offload malware into systems. Whilst no security system is 100% guaranteed to keep out every single cyber threat, having the Sucuri security system in place minimises the chance of successful cyber attacks on your systems. We have already seen the benefits of it in action, with over 2,000 malicious login attempts and attempts to access sites being blocked each day. Without the security software in place, these access attempts could slip through and cause problems for your website. 

It cannot be underestimated how important we believe Sucuri is to keeping your ecommerce website safe and as protected as possible. The price is just £350 for set up, per domain, plus £10 a month for support. We have seen an improvement in the security levels of those who have already set up the Sucuri system on their website, and we encourage all clients to seriously consider protecting themselves as well. 

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