Key Ecommerce website design features

Liquidshop offers a comprehensive range of ecommerce website design and ecommerce features to meet the needs of demanding retailers. Whatever your ecommerce needs, we have the right solution for you.

Responsive ecommerce website design

We offer responsive ecommerce website designs to fit within your budget and ensure that your customers have the best user experience. Research has shown that when your website design is easy to use, people will spend longer using it and are more likely to buy from you. Whereas, when websites are complicated and less intuitive they tend to get abandoned.

We consult with you to understand your specific requirements and to offer the right ecommerce solution to meet your current needs, and to maximise the future growth of your online business.

Our ecommerce website designs are responsive, so they do exactly what the name suggests, the ecommerce website’s design responds to the size of the screen on which it is being viewed, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This means that, whatever device your customer uses to view your website design, your site is automatically optimised to ensure the very best user experience.

Secure payment gateway

We have selected the best, most reliable Payment Service Providers (PSP) – such as SagePay and PayPal Pro – meaning Liquidshop clients can relax in the knowledge that their customers can buy with confidence.

Other payment gateways are available upon request, such as: Google Checkout, Amazon Payments and WorldPay.

Sales analytics

We integrate with various analytics software, including Google Analytics. These very useful tools sit in the background, behind your website, collecting information about your customers and your web sales.

How do users find you? Which pages do customers look at most? Which marketing activities are working and which are not? This knowledge can then be used to target your future marketing campaigns and special offers.

Choice of email marketing providers

It is extremely important to communicate with your customers, to tell them about special offers, new products, end of line items and many other things.

When newsletter software is integrated with your ecommerce website, you can track customer journeys, from the link that they click in the newsletter right through to the purchase that they make on your site.

Connect to marketplaces

 If you sell your products via multiple marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon and Rakuten (, it is important that stock levels are synchronised across all marketplaces and your ecommerce store.

This will reduce the risk of selling the same item, more than once. You can also save time, by managing all of your products and orders, from all marketplaces, directly within one back office.

Synchronise with ERP & POS

If you have multiple store locations – whether physical or ecommerce or a combination – you will need Point of Sale (POS) and/or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

These enable you to manage stock and sales throughout warehouses, storerooms and shops.

It is important that ERP and POS are able to communicate with your ecommerce website whether this is simply to synchronise stock levels or to manage orders in one location.

Real-time accounting integration

By integrating your accounting software – for example Sage – with your ecommerce website, accounts and invoices are created automatically.

When a customer places their first order, a new account will be created and the invoice raised; then, when that customer returns and places any subsequent orders, their account will be recognised and the invoice created.

This means no more rekeying of information into your accounting software, which saves time and removes the risk of human error from this step of the process.

Search engine optimisation

One of the main ways that shoppers find the products they are looking for and therefore, the ecommerce site that sells them, is by “Googling it” (although other search engines are available and shouldn’t be ignored); this means that, as an ecommerce website owner, a lot of your time and effort will go into the process of optimising your online shop to maximise the chance of your customers finding you on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

With search engines constantly changing their demands for which specific product information you must provide and the syntax in which it is required, it is important to have an ecommerce platform that keeps up-to-date with these demands. This will give you the tools to ensure that your site performs to its maximum.

Multi-store setup – single back office

There are many reasons why it may be important to be able to run multiple sites via one back office, whether it be to run both wholesale and retails sites together or to run one main retail site with individual ‘satellite’ sites to promote specific products, maybe for SEO purposes.

Whatever the reason, it is always important to maintain accurate stock levels, manage customer accounts and deal with orders across all sites. A multi-store setup could save you time and money.

Our partners

At Liquidshop, we work with a number of partners to provide our clients with all of the services required to run a successful online retail business. We ensure that our partners’ ethos and services are aligned closely with ours and those of our clients. Whether it’s hosting or extensions developers, we take our time and weigh the options to ensure that we select the right partners. We do all of that so you don’t have to.

Advanced stock control

For all retailers effective stock control is an important part of their business. A good ecommerce website is able to cope with all of the complexities that stock control can present. For example, a company selling bathroom equipment on Liquidshop can sell the items individually or as part of a suite, safe in the knowledge that the stock levels of the individual items will be correctly adjusted.

Liquidshop gives you the control you need to ensure that your customers can only buy the stock you have.

Comprehensive special offers

Special offers are an important part of any retail business and Liquidshop offers you the piece of mind of knowing that in store special offers can be replicated online – from the simple discounted price to the more complex three-for-two mix-and-match. In Liquidshop even complex special offers can be setup quickly and with the Liquidshop Support Team on hand to help you, you’ll have them licked.