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by | Nov 6, 2018 | Ecommerce Website Design

Launching a new website and ecommerce platform can be a big step for some – it could be the company’s first step into the world of online retail and web design. Our job at Liquidshop is to use our expertise and skills to guide the customer through the process, suggesting which features we believe the site would benefit from using, as well as the design areas. 

Liquidshop Business Development Manager, Nick Donovan talks through the process:

“Some clients come to us with ideas and suggestions, but most come into the process looking for our team to guide them through things, possibly with a view to creating a website for their business for the very first time. It’s my job to liaise between the client and our staff to get a clear idea of what features need to built into the website, any technical work, and any design elements needed to make the website stand out”.

Once the prospect has become a client, it’s up to the team to work on building the website. This can involve lots of team members, from designers to technical support, and communication between each employee is key. The client has a design meeting with one of the design team, and support team also start to put together the specific functionality to build the website, on the back of information Nick passes on about what features are needed. It’s a collaborative process between the company and the customer, working towards building the website they want.

Whatever shape the process takes, Nick is always keen to make the customer the priority:

“Customers know their business the best, so it’s about us listening to them to understand what they are all about – how they operate day-to-day, what their unique selling point is, and how to combine all that to give them the best ecommerce website possible. We’ve seen it all over the years, and created some exciting and interesting websites covering a wide range of markets”. 

“One of my favourites has to be, a new website that went live in September. It has a good variety of features and functionalities that can be used to find different products, read reviews and buy securely, and has a really great design that uses clean text and beautiful graphics. We made sure to advertise the fact that they have won awards, and used professional photos across the website to best show off their products to visitors to the site”.

After the site goes live, the support team are then on call whenever the customer needs help with technical issues with their website, or advice and training. We pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with customers, who are happy with the knowledge that they can contact us with any issues and talk to one of our support team directly, who can often fix problems right there and then. 

To get your website going with us, visit out website at, contact us on Facebook, email or call 0117 403 4072.

Dominic Mayo

Dominic Mayo

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