End of life announced for Magento 1

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Ecommerce Website Design

Magento is ending support for version 1 in June 2020. After initially announcing that November 2018 would be the cut-off point, this was revised to the later date, to allow for the vast amount of v1 websites around the world to be upgraded and rebuilt in v2. 

What does this mean for e-commerce websites?
Do websites need to be rebuilt from scratch?
How can Liquidshop help?


We will be answering all these questions and more over the next few months, as the countdown to the end of support for Magento version 1 begins. 


So, first up, what do you need to know?


As part of their development program, Magento release updates for their systems every few months. This program currently provides updates to the 1.9.x and 2 versions. These can be incremental updates that fix a small amount of relatively minor issues (bug fixing) or more substantial updates that can mean significant changes for an e-commerce website. The latest update from Magento is 2.3, which introduced various important functionality updates and some security improvements.

There will be no more feature updates to version 1, which currently stands at version 1.9.x. With so much development and investment from Magento put into improving version 2, version 1 has essentially become obsolete. There will be support for potential bug fixes and security updates if they are needed, and these will take the form of smaller incremental updates leading up to the June 2020 cut off date.

However, after this date, there will no longer be any support of any kind for those sites. Any help for version 1 will come from independent community members rather than official Magento sources, and all version 1 sites should have been updated to version 2 ahead of the 2020 deadline to avoid potential problems.

The Magento version 2 program is now considered the standard, bringing support for version 1 to an end. November 2018 was the originally scheduled date for the switch off, which caused much panic among Magento users and in the e-commerce community. The community felt that this date did not provide sufficient time, and this changed to June 2020.


 What do you need to do?

With less than 18 months to go until the switch off, your version 1 website is secure for now. There’s still support out there for version 1 websites, and there’s certainly no need to panic. However, the earlier you talk to your web developer, the better. Planning for Magento 2 websites to be up and running ahead of the June 2020 deadline allows for bugs to be worked out, issues to be sorted and gives users the chance to familiarise themselves with the new site.

It’s a good idea to start investigating what the process of moving from version 1 to version 2 means for your e-commerce business. Liquidshop will be publishing some articles over the next few months, which will help to provide your company with all the knowledge they will need to navigate through the tricky process of updating.

How can Liquidshop help?

We have already begun contacting clients who are still on version 1 to discuss upgrading to version 2. We have the expertise and knowledge to help any business through the process, every step of the way. 

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