Ecommerce Website Design update ‘First Impressions count’

Nov 7, 2019

Did you know it takes less than a second for a customer to form an opinion about your ecommerce website design.

Even if you made some allowances for page load speeds, which should be slick and quick anyway. Those initial few seconds are hugely important and will decide whether the potential customer will stick around or decide you’re not the site for them.

Your ecommerce website design should be on-point and be totally clear about what you have to offer. The quality of the graphics and how these are laid out are hugely important to demonstrate how professional you are as a retailer and the quality and service they can expect from you.

A neglected website suggests a retailer who may not give the full 100% customer service they would expect. 

Much like the shop window on a high street, you should always be thinking about that first impression and keeping your ecommerce website design looking fresh. If it has been over 12 months since you have made any changes to the design of your website, then it really is time to consider a refresh.

Making some subtle changes to your website design can have a very positive effect on the user experience, and is a great way of encouraging existing customers back to your store.  This is why seasonal design changes on your website are so important to help drive traffic to the products you wish to promote at any given time.

Why not take advantage of our in-house team of experts and give your ecommerce website that much needed design update. As part of the service, we will look at the customer journey and make recommendations on how to improve the ecommerce website design of these. Trends come an go, so what was once the norm can sometimes change, even if in a subtle way.

Then there is of course the more technical side, and perhaps your ecommerce website may need a bigger overhaul to take full advantage of faster page load speed, greater stability and security. You may want to read this article here about why you should be upgrading your ecommerce website design.

We may well have designed your existing ecommerce website, and we’re confident this has been doing a great job for you. Ecommerce is always moving at a fast pace, so there are always opportunities to make improvements. 

Our ecommerce website design update package contains, a full review of your ecommerce website design. With our initial assessment of your ecommerce website design we will provide an outline of the propose changes to improve the design.