Our response to COVID-19

You trust us to host and support your online business, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We do everything we can to ensure you receive the best service possible from Liquidshop.

On account of the current outbreak of COVID-19, we would like to share our plans for business continuity.

Our business is designed to be resilient, and we work with trusted technical partners who share our values and determination to provide a continuity of services through these uncertain times.

Despite the potential disruption that comes with COVID-19 we expect to continue to deliver our services in the normal way.

We operate many cloud and remote services and, for this reason, we can manage and support these systems remotely. In the event that our staff are required to work from home they are able to securely access all of our systems as if they were in our offices.

Our phone system is a cloud service that is fully accessible remotely from any location with an internet connection.

Please continue to access our services in the usual ways and if you have any specific concerns then please contact us.

Thank you for trusting Liquidshop with your business and we wish you all the best during these challenging times.