Visual Merchandiser feature added to Liquidshop v3

Jan 4, 2019

 The development team at Liquidshop have implemented another new feature into v3, continuing our ongoing committment to continually developing and testing new features we feel stand to add value to our clients websites.

This feature is called the Visual Merchandiser.

This new feature allows you to drag and drop products into the order you’d like them to appear in within a category, also can ‘pin’ products to the top of a category, and automatically assign products to categories based on rules and attributes (e.g. all ‘red’ products, all ‘red’, ‘Nike’ products, or all products under £10). 

The Merchandiser is useful for categorising products to ensure they come together when the category is searched for, which helps users find the desired group of products easily, and also makes for a more cohesive and straightforward browsing experience. 

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