5 ways to improve sales this Halloween.

Oct 21, 2019

Across the UK, retailers are gearing up for Christmas, but before we start counting down the days, Halloween is soon upon us, and what better than another reason to create a more unique shopping experience for your customers.

Just like with any bricks and mortar store, updating your ecommerce website design to show seasonal changes is essential to help keep consumer interest and a valuable reason to stay in touch with seasonal offers.

This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of your ecommerce website design, in fact some subtle changes can make a big difference. The important thing is to create a look and feel that highlights a specific product or range of products that tie in, even if loosely, to the spirit of Halloween. This could be as simple as the colour of an item, or that the product(s) can be used in a spooky scenario, like candles or lighting.

To help you on your way, we have created a fun little graphics package that you are free to download and use as you wish within your website and marketing material. Filled with totally unique Halloween themed graphics suitable for any website design.

If you want something more customised, then of course get in touch and our creative team can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Here are 5 useful tips to keeping your ecommerce website design looking spookily fresh this halloween.


  1. Bring your ecommerce website home page to life with some well designed halloween themed banners.
  2. Create specific ‘Halloween only’ products, this could be either a selection of products brought together into one new seasonal product or perhaps a product that is very much ‘Halloween’ specific such as pumpkins, witches and ghouls.
  3. Look for and promote products on your home page that tie into the spirit of Halloween. Such as products that share related colour schemes like orange. Or products that can be used as part of a halloween party or display.
  4. Create limited time offers that are only available during the Halloween period. Adding time sensitive offers is a proven way to encourage a sale, plus allows you to offer clearance stock to make way for more Christmas related products.
  5. Create a marketing email that is heavily themed around Halloween, showing a small selection of products and highlighting your Halloween special offers. Sending this out to all your previous customers is great hook to encourage them back to your website to browse your latest offers.

Happy Halloween, and don’t let the bed bugs bite!