£10 a day for an ecommerce website

Sep 30, 2019

We have been building ecommerce websites for well over 15 years, with our offices based in Somerset and previously Bristol we have been servicing clients all across the UK and Ireland.

Many of our clients have been with us many years, some since the very beginning. And during this time we have come to understand the needs of ambitious retailers and what makes an ecommerce website work. There is no single one thing that can be applied to build a successful ecommerce website, of course the products have t be right; your business model as a retailer needs to be on point, you need to know your market and have great customer service, prices and offering.

Obviously these things as a UK retailer as massively important, without which no ecommerce website could stand a chance of succeeding. So on the basis that you know your stuff as a UK retailer, there are things we can then do to aid you in ecommerce growth. 

An ecommerce website is made up of many elements, but focusing on just features alone isn’t a recipe for success. Making smart choices in term sf the design, how products are presented and positioned within the website and how the website is structured. This is much like planning how you would lay out your bricks and mortar store.  

The first step is being found, much like the high street, customers need to know you are there. These can be achieved by online marketing, making customers aware via social media and generally taking every opportunity to shout about your business. In conjunction with this your ecommerce website need to e built upon a codebase that is SEO friendly. Whilst this is a topic within its’ own right, how the ecommerce website is structured and coded, along with load speeds and content is all hugely important to how this is perceived by search engines such as Google. 

If a ‘Google bot’ looks through your website and likes what it sees, then this will reflect well for you within he search engines and your website has a chance of ranking higher than your competition.

We understand this, and is what we would guide you through best practices to ensure your ecommerce website is presented in the best way. 

Once customers are passing your shop front, much liken a high street, they need to be drawn into the front door. So the home page of your ecommerce website is hugely important to grab the attention of a potential customer.  So placing special offers, trending and popular products on the home page is exactly the same approach as having airlock and mortar store where you dress the display window with the coolest stuff.

Once inside they need to be able to navigate through your ecommerce store with ease, making finding the right product simple and quick. Along the way there is nothing wrong with throwing them some other great deals and offers. But make sure they stay on point.

This follows through to the checkout process itself through to final payment. 

Every aspects of your commerce website needs to be planned and carefully considered. Where previously ecommerce we all about innovation and trying new things to see what worked, there is less need to ‘try something new’. The expectation form most customers are to find certain things in certain places; for example you would-be put the steering wheel in the back of a car to drive it, as people have got used to the wheel at the front and this is now the expect norm. The same principle is applied to ecommerce websites, don’t fix what isn’t broken. 

Whilst the above is a very brief overview of an ecommerce website and a simplification of some complex areas that can be lengthy topics within heir own rights, this demonstrates the need to work with a company that has the right level of expertise to support your business. 

We may have mentioned we have been providing ecommerce website design services for a long time, our experience and deep knowledge of ecommerce ensures you will received the very best guidance in setting up and running your ecommerce website. 

Additionally we have gone through several phases of how the ecommerce model works, originally we used to charge a one off fee to build a website then leave customers to their own devices. But we found customers needed more ongoing support and help, so we adopted a monthly model that allowed us to provide better support services. Over the years our ecommerce website support has become a very important part of our business and something many of our clients rely upon on a daily basis for guidance. 

So as part of a continued review of our business model, we have developed a better way of bringing our experience to the benefit of your business. For just £10 a day you can either start up or migrate your existing ecommerce website and enjoy the benefits of our many years of experience. There are no hidden charges and no upfront fees, and you truly will receive the best design, support and advice available. We are also making it easier to add features as you grow, or if you already have a large ecomerce website, we can ensure we build a website that meets your needs.

So for the cost of a Pizza delivery, a few pints down the pub with some friends, or a nice bottle of Wine; you could be enjoying the benefits of a powerful ecommerce platform, feature rich and supported by a team of ecommerce experts with a mission to help you grow and succeed.  

For more information get in touch with one of our team by completing the contact form, and we look forward to working with you.