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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL encrypts any information sent between your customers web browser and your LiquidShop, preventing it from being read as it is sent between the two across the internet.

The abbreviation SSL stands for secure sockets layer and this is often used when a site requests particular information from a visitor like a password or credit card information. You can tell when you connecting via SSL, most browsers will highlight a padlock to indicate a secure connection, this is usually displayed in the address bar. Another indication of a secure connection is the URL (address), usually the address will start with http://, if a secure connection is used this will be https://.

Benefits of an SSL Certificate with LiquidShop

If you opt for a SSL Certificate with your LiquidShop, you will be able to make use of server payments, the benefit of this is that the customers will not appear to leave your site to make payment as the payment fields is called into your site within your header and footer.

For more details on Form and Server payment methods, please visit the Sagepay pages.

Your Certificate will be supplied by Thawte, they are a leading Certificate Authority owned by world leader, VeriSign. Thawte SSL web certificates are chosen by hundreds and thousands of businesses – and trusted by millions of customers worldwide.

Thawte or VeriSign?

Thawte SSL Web Server certificate
Encrypt your visitors’ personal information and enhance confidence in your site and your business too.

With full organisation validation, visitors will see that Thawte, a leading Certificate Authority, has validated your organisation. And with your company’s name embedded within your free Thawte site seal, your customers have an instant sign that your business is both legitimate and trustworthy.

  • Comprehensive authentication
  • 40 bit to 256 bit encryption
  • A dynamic clickable Thawte site seal: an instant sign that your site is secure

Symantec (VeriSign) Secure Site certificate
Secure your customers’ personal information and increase your click-through and conversion rates.

With the Norton secured seal – the most advanced mark of trust, from the world-leader in online trust: Symantec – your customers will know they’re in safe hands. And thanks to seal-in-search technology, they’ll know it from the minute you pop up in their search engines too – positioning you above your competition even in search results.

This, coupled with daily malware scanning and organisation validation, tells your customers yours is a site – and a business – to trust.

  • Full business authentication
  • 40-bit to 256-bit encryption
  • A Norton Secured Seal: the world’s number one mark of trust
  • Cost of an SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is an additional LiquidShop module, the charge for this is £25 per month plus vat for a Thawte certificate or £35 per month plus vat for a VeriSign certificate. If you would like to proceed with this application, please send us the required details indicated to the left and we will send you an estimate for the module.

The Application Process

Once you have sent us your details the vetting process will begin, once this is complete we will install the certificate for you. The site may need to be moved onto a dedicated IP so there may be a period of propagation involved, if this is the case you will be contacted prior to the installation.

Once the certificate has been installed, we will be able to switch you over to Server payments, to do this we will need administrative access to your SagePay account, alternatively we can provide you with the instructions to make the change at your convenience.