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Why is Support Important?

We believe that having open access to ongoing support & training is a key factor in achieving ecommerce success for busy retailers.

Our clients agree, and that is why many of them make special mention of our support services when asked the reasons they use us as their ecommerce provider.

Face-to-face training, telephone & email support and online tutorials all play a part in making sure our Liquidshop clients can focus on building their online business without disruption.

Everything about Liquidshop is designed to help you make the most of the opportunities for selling online.

Our team is built around providing a service to meet our clients’ needs, and we only succeed if our clients are also successful.
Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable support staff, developers, designers and business development consultants all work together to help you achieve your online retail ambitions

Telephone & Email Support

When you pick up the phone to your web developement company, do you get to speak immediately to someone you know who is also knowledgeable about your business, and can help you resolve your issues and answer your questions? With Liquidshop our dedicated in-house support staff are on hand to do just that.

With the Liquidshop HelpDesk Email Ticketing System, all email communication with the

Liquidshop Support team or the Liquidshop Design team will receive an immediate reply with a ticket number assigned to it and a link to the ticket in the Liquidshop HelpDesk.

This means that our clients are able to track their tickets through to completion. More importantly, the vast majority of support emails receive a personal response, from one of the team, during the same working day.


Ecommerce software is complex – even when it is intuitively designed and laid out – this is why training is provided as standard for all of our clients.

During the early stages of a new website build, the Liquidshop Support team gives training to help clients to get up-and-running.But it doesn’t stop there, training continues to be offered on an ongoing basis.

This can be done face-to-face or remotely with a shared screen – often clients will call us with a query and immediately receive a quick training session, allowing them to get on with the task in hand.

Learning Resources

Support is available 24 hours a day with Liquidshop. For those times when our clients need an answer outside of standard hours they can visit the Liquidshop HelpDesk

where, over the years, we have built up a large catalogue of Materials and Resources – blog posts, step-by-step guides and video tutorials.

News & Articles

At Liquidshop, we make it our business to keep our clients informed with what’s happening in the world of ecommerce.

Our ‘News & Articles’ section of the Liquidshop Helpdesk contains a mine of information, allowing clients to keep up-to-date with the ever changing requirements of

search engines, the latest features which Liquidshop recommends and the latest design techniques which could enhance our clients’ sites and their customers’ user experience.

So, our clients can get on with being a retailer and rely on the Liquidshop team to keep them up-to-date.

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