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The Liquidshop team has taken the Magento ecommerce platform and added around 30 enhanced features to bring it up to our own high standards of functionality. We then add our excellent website designs skills and provide ongoing Magento support and unlimited Magento training. The result of this is an improved Magento platform, Liquidshop Magento, a high performance ecommerce platform.

In addition to the ongoing Magento support and the unlimited magento training, high quality design is essential and the Liquidshop design team’s skill and dedication to quality and excellence are allowed to shine through within the Magento platform. It provides our designers the flexibility to deliver you a high quality design that meets your ecommerce needs.

All Liquidshop Magento websites are designed to be fully responsive. This means that your website’s design is optimised to give the best user journey possible regardless of whether your customers are shopping on your site from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Because Responsive Web Design will give your customers a better user experience, Google and other search engines, will rank sites with a responsive design, higher than they would have been without one.

There is a lot more to love about Liquidshop Magento’s design capabilities – many of our users love the fact they can run multiple storefronts, using multiple domain names, from a single back office and with just a small addition to the monthly support fee.

When you start working with us using the Liquidshop Magento platform, we assess your needs to find what functionality will be needed to run your online business successfully. Magento is extremely flexible, and Liquidshop Magento has around 30 additions to enhance functionality, installed as standard. In addition to this, there are thousands of feature extensions available for Magento, and the Liquidshop team can install, support and train our users on those too.

We also offer bespoke development. When your desired functionality is not available as a standard feature extension, our developers will build the feature for you, and this will become a part of our ongoing Liquidshop Magento support and unlimited Liquidshop Magento training.

All of our Liquidshop Magento websites have built-in search engine optimisation (SEO) features, and these can be accessed easily for ongoing online marketing in order to drive visitor traffic and sales.

The benefits of working with the Liquidshop team

The Liquidshop Magento Support team make Magento easy
  • Support, always on call
  • Training for your website administrators, and it’s unlimited
Magento curated – removing the complexity for our users
  • We select the best feature extensions for you, out of the thousands available
  • Then we install and test the extension
  • Ensure the feature works as required
  • Resolve any conflicts with existing features
  • Then, and only then, will we allow the extension to be used
  • The new features are integrated into the ongoing Magento Support and unlimited Magento Training
Successful SEO with the right optimisation extensions for your website and your business
High quality Magento responsive design work – built for:
  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
Run multiple storefronts from a single back office

Liquidshop Magento – Recently Developed Sites

What does Liquidshop Magento cost?

Liquidshop Magento sites start from as little as £295 per month – our clients receive unlimited training on the Liquidshop Magento platform, ongoing attentive Magento support, one point of contact with no need to communicate with various different developers and the peace of mind that the Liquidshop Team is in your corner. Our design fees are based directly upon your specific requirements.


If you are interested in using Liquidshop Magento, with ongoing Magento Support and unlimited Magento Training, simply give us a call or if you would like us to call you, click on the “Contact Us” button, below and complete the form.

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